Wednesday, June 13, 2018

mrblockwear Podcast Announcement

Hi All,

I’m starting a podcast! This is going to be awesome and fun! The title of the podcast is
“The mrblockwear podcast.” The main focus of the podcast is to discuss Extended
Reality (XR). XR is an umbrella term for augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality,
.etc. However, I will also be covering topics that I feel are important to any tech
enthusiast. Here is a list of potential episodes:

  • Introduction
  • What is Augmented Reality In 2018?
  • What is Mixed Reality In 2018?
  • What is Virtual Reality In 2018?
  • Defining XR (MR,AR,VR)
  • XR (MR,AR,VR) Fashion
  • XR (MR,AR,VR) in Unity3d
  • XR (MR,AR,VR) in Unreal Engine
  • Blockchain and XR
  • XR (MR,AR,VR) Will Destroy Which Industries?
  • XR (MR,AR,VR) and Artificial Intelligence
  • Failure Series - One of Umar's Business Failures
  • Success Series - Lilly's Success Story
  • Veterans in XR
  • XR Startups
  • XR Failures
  • Vuforia
  • Wikitude

Contact me here, If you would like to be a guest on the show. Also, if you have any suggestions for episode topics do not hesitate to connect.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mixed Reality Blockchain Wearables Introduction

Google the term “Virtual Wearables.” Not right now, but when you get a chance ;). You will most likely see colorful user interfaces, and stuff like this:

Oscar Gonzalez @ogreporter

These interfaces look amazing and surely have their place and purpose. I actually designed a test one using a Samsung Gear Sport and demonstrated it in this video:

However, what about style? What about elegance? What about say...a rollie (Rolex)? You will not find this. Why? No one has created it yet. Well, until now - see to sign up for updates. However, there have been virtual “try on” solutions. This is where you try on virtual items like a watch or a ring. You then decide if you want to buy the physical item based on how it looks virtually.

I pose the question, why not just “really” wear the virtual item if everyone is looking through a lens into mixed reality or augmented reality space? Not everyone is looking through these lenses yet, you may counter. Correct, yet is the key word. Next time you are out and about take note of the faces buried deep into phone screens. Everyone looks like this:


Quite frankly, our human brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles are in a different “reality”. The difference is that they are holding the lens in their hands. It is only a matter of time before the screen becomes wearable. These wearable screens can take the form of glasses, goggles, contact lens, etc. You can even rock a mixed reality monocle.

The motivation of mrblockwear is to make Mixed Reality Blockchain Wearables a reality. You may be wondering how the Blockchain plays into everything. Well, Blockchain technology makes mrblockwear a more collaborative platform. For an entertaining primer on what the Blockchain is and how it works see this article. In a nutshell, the Blockchain will allow your favorite fashion brands to offer their collections in the mixed reality space without fear of counterfeiting, knockoffs, or piracy. Additionally, it gives the individual [YOU!] power to buy, sell, lend, or trade items on the platform. Specific details about how you can make some dough on mrblockwear will come in a later post.


Mixed Reality Blockchain Wearables